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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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spoke like the change to full casino gambling. >> i mean, west virginia is a state that seems like it could use the revenue. i think it's overall a accident thing. >> i thinks that -- decent thing. >> i think that's great. i used to go to atlantic city. can i stay closer to home now. >> reporter: the gaming company is betting $40 million that other regional gamblers will now choose to come to their newly renamed hollywood casino in charms town, west virginia. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. terrifying moments for a mother at a metro station this morning as she was getting ready to board a train, the doors closed on her stroller. her baby still inside. fox 5's wisdom martin spoke with the woman who helped pull them to safety. wisdom? >> reporter: brian, the woman who helped says she has seen this happen before and wonder why the doors close like that she says as they were trying to open the doors, the biggest concern is that the train would
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start moving again and the baby would be pulled away. >> i actually went upstairs and told the fellow sitting in the booth. >> reporter: it started out as an ordinary ride on metro for maureen sagnola. that changed when she got to the woodley park stop. >> you know, we stopped at the station and i heard this little boy screaming. >> reporter: the 4-year-old boy was inside the train. a stroller with a baby was trapped in the closing door. the children's mother was outside the train. >> she was trying to press her leg to keep the door from closing and i went over there and tried to help her. >> reporter: maureen says it was only a few seconds but it felt like forever. she was afraid at any point the train would start moving. >> it took some while t. wasn't an instant open. it seemed to open for a second and closed again. it was a very intense moment
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then. >> reporter: eventually they got the doors open. >> i was -- how is this possible? how is this possible that they closed the door with the stroller there? >> reporter: in response to the closing doors, a metro spokesperson says rail car doors are designed to shut firmly. they do not operate like elevator doors which open if a person touches a door. they also say doors are designed to prevent trains from moving even when something as small as a pencil is lodged in one and train operators also are trained to make a visual check that all is clear before proceeding. now metro says they've never heard of this particular incident. maureen says she did report this. she says she told the metro worker this the booth at the continueley stop and went online to file a complaint. metro says they will be investigating this matter tomorrow. brian? >> we know you'll stay on top of it. wisdom martin down in the newsroom. the news edge on virginia now where investigators believe a murderer is also responsible for a cold case crime.
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morgan harrington disappeared last october after attending a concert in charlottesville, her body found in january on a farm. authorities are looking for this man and they found forensic evidence that links him to a sexual assault in fairfax county back in 2005. if you know who this man is please call fairfax county or virginia constituent police. a -- or virginia state police. a suspected spy ring that operated out of arlington, virginia and several other east coast cities -- [ indiscernible ] the evidence didn't come from them. it came from one of the other eight suspects who admitted to sending letters to the group that they were working for. >> the prosecution says they have overwhelming evidence to convince a judge not to grant bail. videos, audio.
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>> new jersey investigators say they found a safe deposit box with 80 grand in it. the three virginia suspects will find out whether they can get out on bail tomorrow. more details coming out about this suspected china spy. she's cynthia murphy arrested in jersey this week. according to a criminal complaint, she used her cover as a columbia university mba student to try and recruit her fellow classmates to be spies. she also tried to dig up dirt on students who tried to work for the c.i.a. she was reportedly following orders from the russian agency she was allegedly working for. her husband, rich richard was also arrested. another big story we're following tonight. two maryland counties being told to shut off the water. a huge part of the state's population right now is stuck with serious water restrictions because of trouble in a water main. fox 5's bob barnard live in potomac with the story. bob? >> reporter: wssc is the utility, brian. it's nearly two -- its nearly two million customers here in montgomery and prince george's counties being told to conserve
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water. mandatory restrictions now in effect because of a potential leak in a massive water main right over there. they're working about ten feet below ground along tuckerman lane across the street from churchill high school in potomac trying to find out why an early warning system using fiber optic cable signaled trouble with a 41-year-old 96- inch water main. >> before the pipe ruptures, we know there's something wrong. we can shut it down before something happens, get in there and fix the problem. >> reporter: in the meantime water is being redirected to much smaller pipes requiring mandatory restrictions on nearly all forms of outdoor usage. >> we serve 1.8 million people in montgomery and prince george's county county. if all of these folks followed these mandatory water restrictions, that will hem us cut our use -- help us cut our usage by a third and that's what we need to do. >> reporter: lynn riggi nis says it's all about safety. >> very important we maintain adequate pressure and adequate water so we have water to fight
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fire. >> reporter: so at least for the next four days, you're not allowed to water your lawn, wash your car or have your kids cool off with a spring letter. all swimming pool -- sprinkler. all swimming pools must not be topped off. >> use water only as necessary. limit flushing toilet, limit using washing machines and dish washers. and it's not, you know -- they're not trying to make you forget. they're just asking you to be smart. >> i'm always asking my kids to take shorter showers so this is actually a good lesson, right? >> reporter: these new restrictions do not apply to businesses. the poll grant knit -- pomegranate best toe can -- bistro can still serve water. for the rest of us the new water restrictions are mandatory. and they're just now getting to that massive water main. we can hear them behind the cars there banging away on the pipes. the restrictions in effect most likely through the 4th of july brian. >> bob barnard tonight. carbon monoxide landed four
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people in hype baric chambers in prince george's county this afternoon. they all lived in an apartment building on breezewood court in greenbelt. the co levels more than 28 times the safe limit blamed on a disconnected water heater exhaust pipe. a detector went off in the building and 11 people were evacuated. they're expected to be okay. the remnants of hurricane alex still causing problems tonight. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> northern mexico feeling it now with lots of rain as hurricane alex did some damage ripping off roofs, causing severe flooding and at least two deaths are being blamed on the storm. however, alex' winds did help break up some patches of oil in the gulf making them easier for microbes to digest. the body of senator robert byrd lay in repose today in the senate chamber. tonight his body is in charleston, west virginia for an overnight public viewing in the state capitol and a memorial service tomorrow. funeral services will be on tuesday in arlington. the retirement of the space
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shuttle fleet postponed. discovery's next to last launch was supposed to be in september. it's now been moved to november 1. the very last shuttle mission will be handled by endeavour and that will happen in february of next year although nasa is talking about one more possible mission after that one, brian. michael vick supposed to be on -- to be on his best behavior. instead he's right in the middle of a shooting investigation. the latest details in the virginia beach case and how vick is responding. for the first time in 200 years mount vernon is back in the booze business. the whiskey being made from the very same recipe george washington once used. but first, a quick check of our rundown. the news edge back in one minute. hang tight. 
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michael vick says he had nothing to do with a shooting that happened just minutes
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after he left his own birthday party in virginia beach last week. but police are not ruling him out as a sus sect. in fact they're not talking about suspects at all. the victim was one of vick's codefendants in his dogfighting case and that in itself could land vick in hot water. the conditions of his probation forbid him from associating with other felons. virginia gun owners can now carry a concealed weapon in a bar. laura evans is back now with your fox five top five. we begin with a change in virginia's gun laws. number five, starkt drag people who have a per fit to carry concealed guns can now take those guns into bars but they won't be allowed to drink. business owners are allowed to post a sign that says no conseemed carry and a customer carrying would be obligated to stay out. number four, you're going to see more ads before youtube videos this year but you will be able to skip past them. google is testing how the ads will fair with viewers. they claim higher quality commercials are usually skipped less than lower quality ads. number three, a new 10%
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tanning tax went into effect today across the country. it's expected to generally rate nearly $3 billion by 2019 to help fund the health care overhaul. spray tans are not subject to the tax. number two, a water warning this holiday weekend. the national park service is encouraging everyone to stay out of the potomac river. they say the currents are dangerous and can be deadly. just a reminder it is illegal for anyone to go into the river gorge from the key bridge to great falls. and number one tonight, metro will have extra service on sunday for the fireworks on the national mall. however, the smithsonian metrorail station will be closed until the fireworks are over. you should use other nearby stations to get to the national mall. parking of course will be free at metrorail lots. coming up next, we've almost made it to the holiday weekend. gary's got your forecast. >> that's right. if you're headed towards the shore, i'll have your forecast for the beaches this holiday weekend. just a little hint. looks pretty good.
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but did you know our first president was also in the booze business. the type of whiskey he made is now back in production. how you can get your hands on it coming up next.  
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it's the end of the road for raceway in fort washington, maryland. the track closed for good today. track owners have been fighting over what they have to pay to simulcast live racing n. a letter posted online, the track owner blamed the unreasonable demands of the thoroughbred industry for putting him out of
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business. it employs about 200 people. business is expected to be good at george washington's mount vernon estate now that it's back in the whiskey trade. general washington had a recipe for the hard stuff. after 200 years it's back on the market. fox a's money reporter melanie alnwick was there today when they popped the cork. >> reporter: this hasn't happened in 200 years. >> hip hip. >> reporter: whiskey being produced at george washington's mount vernon estate. >> this is a great day. we've been working on this project for about 15 years. >> reporter: the process has been painstakingly recreated. water from the creek turning the wheel that drives the mill stones to grind american grains like corn, wheat and rye. >> all of those grains would have been ground here in the mill and carried next door. >> reporter: that's where the magic and history happened. unlike modern operations with massive vats and stainless steel stills, this one relies
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on the basics. fire to heat the mash. creek water to cool the vapor and a generous dose of manual labor. >> the basic science of it is the same. it goes back centuries. >> reporter: george washington's career as a distiller is just starting to come to light. mount vernon historians believe the general ran the largest whiskey distillery in the united states at the time. >> and he sold a lot of it. in 1798 they sold over 4500 gallons of whiskey here. in 1799, the last year this was in operation under washington's management, he made 10,942 gallons of aye whiskey. >> reporter: it made economic sense for colonial farmers to be able to turn excess crop that might have spoiled into cash. >> more satisfy -- we're satisfying people's curiosity about this. if we're going to do that, the goal is to make it much like washington whiskey as we could. >> reporter: it was clear, not barrel aged like you might expect. the demand on its first day of release was clear too.
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so how does it taste? like history in a bottle. and that is how you party like it's 1799. melanie alnwick, fox 35 news. >> the -- fox 5 news. >> the 470 bottles from the first run already sold out. $85 a bottle. the second batch is being aged. it might not be available for a couple of years. long history making of whiskey around here. that's how whiskey creek got its name, the golf course. >> three tell me there used to be barrels floating down. good golf weather. >> that's a tough golf course by the way, whiskey creek. it's going to be nice. it's going to be hot. the heat comes back for the weekend. there's no doubt about that. for once we can bring on the lead and we're not talking about outrageous humidity coming our way. look at everybody out in bethesda tonight enjoying the nice weather. if you pick the table outdoors,
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you did the right thing this evening because it sure has been nice out there. and i think tomorrow night will be good, too. saturday night not bad but a little bit warmer as the temperatures will be increasing. and by next week looks like we're going to be right back in the grip of another heat wave that's going to last at least five, six, maybe even seven days with temperatures up into the 90s. maybe a couple of readings next week around a hundred degrees too. not today, though. reagan national 81. dulles international 80 degrees. and bwi marshall you can see there at 81 degrees. how about the 4th of july? at this point it's looking really hot. temperatures will be up into the middle 90s but it doesn't look like it's going to be humid and it does not look like we have a great chance at all of any thunderstorms. so all your festivities will be nice. the beaches look beautiful. 79 tomorrow in ocean city. 83 on saturday and 88 degrees on the 4th of july and it's pretty much the same as you
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head north up to rehoboth and across the bay to cape may there as their temperatures will go from the 70s to the upper 80s and the water temperatures are not too bad already up into the lower 70s out there. we're good tonight. controlled by high pressure. and that will be the trend, too, for the next several days. and it's high pressure that's going to keep all the atlantic moisture, all the humidity down to the south of us. looks like the high will stay in this position for the next couple of days. now, we will get warmer as we go into the weekend. temperatures are going to jump into the upper 80s on saturday and the middle 90s on sunday. and the trend here has the temperatures going up and up and up and even into monday we're talking about temperatures right up there to 97 degrees. and as you get into next week again, wouldn't surprise me if we don't have some triple digit readings out there as we go into the mid-st of yet another heat -- midst of yet another heat wave. a few chili spots in the suburbs, primarily in the 50s. lots of sunshine tomorrow. it will be just a little bit
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warmer as temperatures out there should crack up into the lower 80s to the middle 80s under lots of sunshine. we'll have a couple of clouds and that's about it. really nice. 83 tomorrow. beautiful. a little bit more humidity and more heat for the weekend but it's not going to be too bad at all and as we get into monday and tuesday after the holiday weekend, temperatures just keep going right on up into the upper 90s. that's your weather forecast. hope you have a great holiday weekend coming up. dave feldman is coming back with sports when the edge continues. stay with us. hey, volley for serve. friendly competition runs on dunkin' with our refreshing coolatta flavors. enjoy an icy boost today. america runs on dunkin'.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the washington nationals were in desperate need of a slump buster tonight. losers in six of their last seven. they needed to beat the mets to avoid dropping to a season low 12 games under .500. david wright with a drive to center. nigel morgan gets spun around but holds on for a basket job. seven innings recording seven strikeouts. that's almost a strasburg- esque. the defense helped too. christian guzman will rob ike davis of a hit here in the 6th. this one would go to the 9th tied at 1. then we check in with ryan zimmerman, a chance to win with one out, two on. a fly ball. got a good arm. but willy harris has good legs. and that's the way we welcome back our team to d.c. nats beat
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the mets by a final of 2-1. don't forget to join me, lindsay murphy, joe buck, kevin millar and kevin rosenthal for a special fox 5 sports broadcast this saturday. stephen sphrasburg, a national celebration -- strasburg, a national celebration right here at 3:30 on fox a. camden yards, a's and o's, game tied at 1, 2nd inning. cory patterson, he's spinning badly and that's not nigel morgan-esque. a's go on to whip the o's 8-1. tiger woods golf tournament headed north for this 4th of july weekend. don't worry, he's coming back to congressional next year. excuse me, not next year. the year after next year. next year they have the u.s. open at congressional. 2012 it will be back. so this year it's in philly. tiger on the par 3 17th hole. it's going but it's going in the wrong place. it's going in the water.
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tiger would go on to make a double bogey on the hole. that happens a lot when you get the ball wet. but on 18 after a perfect drive, a perfect approach to give me birdie range but it's not match play. stroke play. oh, my goodness. made a right turn and a lip out and that's a problem. ended his day at three over, seven off the lead. four players are ahead of them. tiger, what happened? >> i hit it good all day. and just let my round get away from me. and just unreal. >> it was unreal but it actually was real. to the semis at wimbledon we go. serena williams seemingly in full control. wins in straight sets. she apologized for the net court win on match point which is very polite. then serena will move on and face vera who defeated -- [
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indiscernible ] is will be serena's sixth time in a wimbledon championship match. gilbert arenas no longer wants to wear number six next year. the new owner ted leonsis revealed on his blog but gave no other details. stay tuned to see what number he wears. stay tuned to see brian who is coming back with more of the en. i'm dave feldman. have a great night. .
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did you see it? the kind of gut busting people have to actually train for. the be second annual -- second annual independence burger eating championship. ten minutes all you can eat, however you can get it down and keep it down. the winner for the second year, serious pete. he downed 23 burgers and buns but he thinks he could have done better if he prepared more. >> you


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